Drinking tap water is dangerous. Chlorine, fluoride and a multitude of other toxins from our polluted environment are a major problem, in spite of what the city may tell you. It would not be economically feasible for your water district to remove all of the environmental chemicals in the municipal water supply to bring it up to the standards of drinking water, especially for sensitive people. “Hardness,” which is calcium and magnesium, is not a problem as far as drinking is concerned, and many studies have shown it to be beneficial.

Bottled water has problems too. There have been isolated reports of contamination in some water from foreign sources. Some people think that chemicals can leach out of the plastic bottles, but that depends upon how long the water has been sitting in them. It will also get expensive, because you will be drinking a LOT of water on the program that I recommend.

The best way to go, is to get a water filter for home use. Before you buy anything, see what your local discount hardware store has in stock. The minimum purification system would be a particle-filter and an activated charcoal or carbon filter.

Water molecules form clusters of varying sizes. Most water has large clusters, and when people drink it, they soon often get a bloated feeling, because the water is absorbed very slowly. There is a device called a “water ionizer,” which does two important things. First, it breaks the water clusters down in size, and they can easily enter the cells of the body. You can actually drink a tall glass of this water every fifteen minutes! This is enormously important when you are undergoing a detoxification process, as you probably soon will.

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The second thing the machine does is to add electrons to the water which helps neutralize free radicals in the body. This is not quackery, and you can actually measure this property with a small $150 meter. This is different than pH. It is called redox potential, or oxidation-reduction potential, or ORP. The lower the number, the more electrons there are, and the better it is. The pH is also altered by the machine, but that is a byproduct of lowering the ORP. You can obtain this from the Watershed.

The unit is designed to rest on the countertop. The faucet is on the input side, because when the water is pushed into the machine it is split into two components, which exit from two different tubes. One is alkaline, which you drink, and the other is acidic, which you use to brush your teeth and wash your skin with. Most toothpaste is toxic, and leaves a residue. The acid water has neither of these problems. Unfortunately, it would take some very creative plumbing to put the machine under the sink.

The Watershed also sells a shower filter to remove chlorine, which is important. Chlorine is quite toxic when inhaled. A shower filter should be of the copper-zinc variety because it will not clog up, has a long life, and restricts the water flow little.

The Best Book I have found on Drinking Water is “The Drinking Water Book” by Colin Ingram. It goes into great detail about what you can DO about the problem, while some books just rave on and on about pollution. Read about ionized water in “Confessions of a Body Builder” by Bob McCauley – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Additional books are: “Healthy Water” by Martin Fox, Ph.D. and “Water, the Shocking Truth that May Save Your Life” by Paul C. Bragg, N.D., Ph.D. and Patricia Bragg, N.D., Ph.D.