This drink formula is incredibly powerful, and is constantly being updated. You can make up the powder to last a few weeks at a time. It is given in “parts,” which can be any unit that you choose, depending upon how much of the mix you want to make up at a time. Feel free to modify it as you wish.

People vary widely regarding their perception of taste. The biggest issue with regard to this drink will be your tolerance of its flavor. I suggest that you start with small quantities of a few ingredients and experiment first, before spending more money. For example, get some spirulina, psyllium, mint oil, and xylitol, and see how you get along with those before going further. Mint and xylitol are powerful agents in masking other flavors. They also have benefits of their own. Caution: A little bit of mint goes a long way. Vary it one drop at a time to taste. Go slowly. Mint oil is also a digestive aid. It is available at health food stores.

The links will give an explanation of each ingredient. Add eight tablespoons of the mix to a blender, a tall glass of water or green tea, plus the contents of two vegetable-based digestive enzyme capsules, a tablespoon of flax/borage oil, and two drops of food grade (USP) peppermint essential oil.

Drink this for breakfast, and have several glasses throughout the day. Then enjoy a meal that feels right to nourish your spirit.

8 parts chlorella

8 parts spirulina

10 parts rice bran

6 parts psyllium

3 parts custom nutrient mix

1 part lecithin/phosphotidyl choline

3 parts unsweetened coconut

There are many possible ingredients. It is important to develop your own custom designed mix gradually. Remember the expression: “One man’s meat is another man’s poison.” For the most part, this is a matter of seeing how your body reacts to each ingredient. This can be divided into taste, short term effects, and long term effects. Put a label on each bottle. Take a very tiny part of each ingredient and put it on your tongue, then rinse out your mouth right away. Rate each ingredient for taste tolerance from 1 to ten. Just because something tastes bad doesn’t mean you should rule it out, but it does mean that you should be more cautious.

The worse case is that you get impulsive and make up a big batch of powder with one or two items that you can’t tolerate, and then you have to throw out the whole batch. If something causes your whole body to feel bad, eliminate it and possibly add it in separately (not as a part of the mix) later.