This site now has about seventy pages, and soon it will be over a hundred. My goal is to make the material readable, practical, and not overwhelming.

There are three general areas. First, there is the main introductory story line, which is several pages long and growing. This is intended to be understandable to practically everybody, and get you into the site quickly and painlessly. It presents an overview. At the end of each of these pages, the Next will take you to the next page in the series.

Within the main story line, there are side roads that you can take. These are projects that you can do yourself, mostly without the help of a doctor. At the end of each project page, there is a Back, which will return you to the main story line.

The technical pages are placed in a separate section, accessible from the menu on the left.. You might think they are written for doctors, but because the medical system is in such disarray, they are mainly read by motivated patients who are fed up with being sick and are willing to work very hard to get well.

Much of the material in the technical section requires laboratory tests and prescription medication. Patients who are knowledgeable about these things are often put in the awkward position of having to educate their doctor.

From time to time I will give you a gentle nudge to get involved in my activism site, even if just to take a few moments to send an automatic letter to your government representatives.

Finally, there is a section on disability, accessible from the menu on the left.