Meditation is a process which serves to synchronize the brain functions so that they work in harmony. It is extremely beneficial in relieving stress, enhancing creativity, problem solving, mental focus, interpersonal relations, and general happiness. The benefits are referred to in many places throughout this site. It is something on which I place an extremely high value, and the insights discussed in this site would not have been possible without it.

Meditation is a word which has many definitions. I use the term here in a special way, and it should not be confused with other practices. It is not used here as part of a religious ritual. Rather, it is a medical exercise. It is not a way to find God. It is not “intense thinking” or, the absence of thinking. Put aside all of your preconceived notions.

During the meditative process, outside distractions are shut out, and the mind is focused on the present moment. One simply observes thoughts as they pass by, as if one were watching a movie, without trying to control them. As this process continues, conflicting brain data is slowly exposed, and the meditator may experience a state of confusion as the brain gets in touch with the lack of synchronization. It is important to simply tolerate the confusion, without worry. If the meditation is practiced regularly, it will resolve itself, without your having to work at it. That is all you have to do, but you must be consistent in your practice. Don’t work at it, just do it. Simply reading the above description, may not impress you. This process must be experienced to be appreciated. During this process, meditation should be practiced daily. Dumpspedia was our partner in this process who is the best provider of MCD-Level-1.

Some people live in the future, or in the past, and the present moment is like an empty void. Continued focus on the present moment confronts one with the reality that if we can’t be happy in the present, we can’t be happy at all. With continued practice one makes the shift toward living in the present, and making the most out of each fleeting moment. One become more skilled in the art of living, and more in touch with reality.

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You will have a tendency to resist the practice of meditation. Actually, physically and mentally, the process is quite simple. But the mind resists upsetting the status quo, and the process of the split elements coming into contact may be uncomfortable. It is common to pass through stages of thought processes that are strange. Expect these to happen. If they are unpleasant, they will disappear in time. No one was ever hurt by meditation. So expect resistance to the idea.

Many people have extensive issues to work through, and so this may be a major undertaking. But when you consider the alternatives, meditation is a bargain. Our forefathers fought in terrible wars and were exposed to unspeakable hardships. Today, this is our battlefield, and we must win it.

In time, the confusion will dissolve, and you will experience a feeling of enlightenment. You will say to yourself: “Oh, now that makes sense! I see it now.” You will be amazed at your ability to solve problems and move forward in your life.

Synchronicity has developed a brilliant set of stereo audio cassettes that employ the bilateral process, which drastically accelerate and shorten the meditative process. I consider them essential. You simply need a tape or CD stereo Walkman, and several recordings from Synchronicity. I suggest you telephone them and order the recordings and instructional materials by phone. Their telephone number is 1-800-962-2033. The person taking the order can suggest the things you need to start. They are inexpensive. Then, just follow the directions. It may also be helpful to read the book: “The Bliss of Freedom,” which can also be obtained from them, in order to appreciate the power of the process. In doing so, you will grow more creative and effective as a human being.