Some people have a chronic (over a long period of time) digestive enzyme deficiency. Enzyme deficiencies may also reduce the speed that food moves through the digestive tract, causing constipation, or hard stools.

After a long time, the colon wall may become damaged, leading to a condition called “leaky gut.” Toxins then pass through the colon wall into the blood stream, causing food allergies, and damage to the whole body including the nervous system.

There are things you can do to reverse this condition. First, take two digestive enzyme capsules with each meal. You can order them on line at Beyond A Century. Some people get abdominal pain, called “heartburn,” when they start taking enzymes. This can be corrected, and is only temporary. Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer is also getting popular now a days.

If or when you get the pain, stop taking the enzymes, and take “Gastro” or “Gastrase,” available from Transformation Enzymes. Take this with meals for a few days, and later add the digestive enzymes. In a few weeks, you should be able to do without the Gastrase, but let your body be the judge of that. Persist in this way until you can take the enzymes with each meal. Don’t give up, because this is critical to your health.

In addition to damage to the colon wall, there is often a harmful deposit that sticks to the inside. Some people treat this problem with colonic flushes. Water is allowed to pass in and out, over and over, until the contents of the colon are rinsed out. I discuss this in more detail in the “Colon” section.

Various colon cleanses, such as psyllium and other herbs, are also helpful, but insufficient by themselves. They have a physical action and are unable to dissolve the deposits, which can be deeply imbedded in the intestinal wall. Psyllium is best taken in a powder form that contains both the seed and the husk. It works best when combined with bentonite.

The best way I know to deal with this is to take different enzymes BETWEEN meals. But I suggest that you not start this until you are tolerating the DIGESTIVE enzymes WITH meals, and you need to keep doing that also. There are two Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer products that I have found for this. One is Somazyme, made by Life Plus. You can get it at Natural Healthways. Somazyme is a combination of enzymes that break down a variety of organic materials. It is enteric coated, which keeps it intact until it gets into the intestine. Take two tablets three times a day.

Another product is the proteolytic (means breaking down proteins) enzyme sold by Transformation Enzymes. It is sold by different names. Call 952-941-3888 and talk to Myron Cheshaek who is very knowledgeable.

When you take these enzymes between meals, they will go down into the colon and dissolve the deposit. The enzymes penetrate the intestinal wall, and completely remove the deposit, without harming the body in the least. If you get diarrhea with a lot of black particles, you are looking at waste products that may have been in there for years. The enzymes will also enter the bloodstream and clean up toxins in your blood, and attack bacteria in the process. This is called “detoxification.”

You will need to drink all of the water you can during this process. Keep up the enzymes and the water. Jeff Kowalski has a complete colon cleanse program and he provides free telephone support at (763) 425-1699.