There are some supplements that are best taken between meals. These can be purchased in powder form and mixed and stored in a separate container. Again, experiment with what works best for you. Here is a start-up formula. Take two or three times daily.

2 parts L-Glutamine. Spares muscle tissue after physical stress. Crosses the blood/brain barrier and is important to brain functioning. Increases growth hormone levels. Immune enhancer. Able to release ammonia to neutralize acid in the blood and tissues.

1 part IP-6 – short for inositol hexaphosphate. Seventeen studies have shown that when this is mixed with inositol, that there is a remarkable increase in natural killer cell activity, and inhibition of tumor cell formation and growth. The mixture is patented and sold as “Cell Forte’,” but you can mix your own.

1 part Inositol – works synergistically with IP-6 as above. It is also relaxing, helps muscle growth, is a cell membrane stabilizer, and has antioxidant properties.